Restaurants and bars used to be judged upon the quality of the food and drinks they offer. Nowadays ambiance and great environment count almost as much as food, beverage and service.

With previous experience in interior design for hospitality in Europe, I am really interested in the designs that artists create in bars and restaurants. Playing with shapes, textures, colors and lighting to create different atmospheres at different times of the day is something really challenging but exciting.

And when interior designers get it right, it is extremely rewarding! I’ve identified a series of bars and and restaurants worldwide that have an exceptional setting and I comment each of them, highlighting what makes them unique.

Some of you will think that it’s the second post about French design in a few weeks, and that instead of featuring another French project, I could/should have carried on with my worldwide tour… Well you’re right… But to reassure you, more designs from exotic countries are about to be featured very soon (because I am always looking for some inspiration from all over the world).

The reason why I chose to feature Restaurant Georges, at Centre Pompidou (ParisFrance) is because:

  1. Well I’m French and somehow, I am proud to feature interiors that were designed in my country and that somehow give you more insight about French design
  2. It’s now spring, so I encourage everyone who never did it before to go to Restaurant Georges, enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine on the roof top of the restaurant, to enjoy a gorgeous view of Paris, before or after an exhibition at “Beaubourg”  (as an art lover, I have to recommend you this experience, Even if this bar/restaurant is a bit expensive -, the experience is worth it!).
  3. If you can afford it, enjoy a dinner at Restaurant Georges (or have another drink) at night inside, to fully enjoy the interior design of this venue.
  4. I recommend to go there both during the day and at night, to fully capture the versatility of this venue and its interior design.

This last sentence brings us to the core of this article: the interior design of the Restaurant Georges.

Designed for Costes by the architecture agency Jacob + Macfarlane, this project, released in 2000 covers 900m2 + 450m2 for the roof terrasse, separated by a beautiful glasswall  showing a sublime view over  the city.

The design is both very sober, pure, minimalist and geometrical with the use of white square chairs and square tables and very organic, round, and colorful with all these metallic cocoons featuring bright colors (such as green or yellow).

The space is very well segmented and these little corners create a very good combination of intimacy and openness. The use of bright and colorful lighting at night gives this space a total different atmosphere.

Le George 3_article_REGARD

Le George 4_article_REGARD



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Le George 2_Article_REGARD


Photo Credit: Nicolas Borel

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