Restaurants and bars used to be judged upon the quality of the food and drinks they offer. Nowadays ambiance and great environment count almost as much as food, beverage and service.

With previous experience in interior design for hospitality in Europe, I am really interested in the designs that artists create in bars and restaurants. Playing with shapes, textures, colors and lighting to create different atmospheres at different times of the day is something really challenging but exciting.

And when interior designers get it right, it is extremely rewarding! I’ve identified a series of bars and and restaurants worldwide that have an exceptional setting and I comment each of them, highlighting what makes them unique.


As a French interior designer, I am particularly proud to cover this project: Jouin Manku, French Brand, combine two French agencies. Patrick Jouin ID specializes in product and industrial design. Manku is an agency of space design. The two experts decided to share their knowledge and develop complete interior design projects that enhance the assets of a space and use materials and technologies that stand out for stunning and unique results.

Their work for Brasserie les Haras, in Strasbourg (France) enabled them to win the overall winer, Best restaurant, Restaurant and Bar design awards 2014 and Best restaurant, Europe 2014, Restaurant and Bar design awards 2014.

800m2 of space were designed by architects Denu & Paradon and lighting designer L’Observatoire International.

Several key elements really stand out and make it a top-notch destination restaurant and bar!

Astonishing sculptural wooden staircase:



Open space, high ceiling and sobre decor using raw materials around the staircase, to make it stand out:


Cosy atmosphere on the top floor and use of raw materials such as wood and leather:


Beautiful wooden frame



Leather cocoons to divide up the space


As a leather designer, I am very sensitive to the use of this material in interior design


A top rated project that once again, helps foster French design and craftsmanship on a global level. Projects like this one make me proud to be a French interior designer!
Photo Credit : Hélène Hilaire
Work in progress photos on their website:

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