Restaurants and bars used to be judged upon the quality of the food and drinks they offer. Nowadays ambiance and great environment count almost as much as food, beverage and service.

With previous experience in interior design for hospitality in Europe, I am really interested in the designs that artists create in bars and restaurants. Playing with shapes, textures, colors and lighting to create different atmospheres at different times of the day is something really challenging but exciting.

And when interior designers get it right, it is extremely rewarding! I’ve identified a series of bars and and restaurants worldwide that have an exceptional setting and I comment each of them, highlighting what makes them unique.

As a European Interior designer, there are 2 things that I particularly love in Japanese design:

  • Minimalism: Japanese design is pure, simple, elegant. Everything is usually important, plays a role and nothing is pointless. From space to design to the choice of materials, textures, furnitures, minimalism is omnipresent.
  • Lighting: Light plays an important role, creating several atmosphere, usually very cosy, warm, subdued. Japanese designers are masters in lighting.

These two elements are key in Spinifex’s work at Tsukimichi, This restaurant won the Restaurant and Bar Design Award in the category “Asia Restaurant”.

This venue features a sublime setting, with a combination of small and intimate corners, exquisite materials and a very subtle lighting.

Spinifex 2

Spinifex 3

Spinifex 1

Spinifex 7

Spinifex 4

Spinifex 6

Photo Credit: Toshihisa Ishii


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