Since 2015 is the International Year of Light, we thought that it would be interesting to highlight architecture, interior design and design projets that enhance light and are inspirational.


LIght of life

Doing on going market research to be constantly up to date with the latest concepts, creations, innovations, technologies, we discovered this project, designed by Korean studio Shinslab Iisac. The projet, initiated by the Protestant and Presbyterian community Nam Seoul Grace Church is a religious building called “the light of the life” chapel: nestled in the middle of a village for retired missionaries, into the bori mountain in gapyong near Seoul (South Korea) the “light of the life” will serve as a place of contemplation, communion and prayer. It encourages a real communion with nature and god.

Contemplation: the monument aims at echoing the surrounding nature. It mainly uses reflective and transparent materials such as glass and polycarbonate.

Light of LIfe CHapel Setting

Light of Life Chapel - West Corner

Western Facade

LIght of life Chapel - Southern Facade

Southern Facade











Communion: the interpenetration between the building, a cristal cocoon, and its environment is not a metaphor. Inside the space of worship, that is covered by a hemispherical dome, the surface is formed by cut red cedar trunks that stand upright like the trees of the forest. Also, the circular seat encourage a communion between each and all humans.

LIght of life - Foyer Area

Entrance to the chapel

Light of life - CIrcular Seats

Circular seats

Prayer: the light that penetrates inside the choir, the elevation of the trees and the thin and precious cross are a real invitation to elevate your mind and pray.

Light of LIfe - Under the dome

Under the dome

LIght of life at Night

at Night

Images: Courtesy of Shinslab Iisac

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