Some major interior design and design trade shows happened recently in Europe and the US such as Maison § Objets (Paris – September 5 to September 9), Decorative Fair (London – 30 September – 5 October), the Boston Design Market (Boston – October 1 to 2) and Vienna Design Week (Vienna – September 26 – October 10).

As French European interior designer who worked in Paris, London, Rome and who now is settled in San Francisco, Isabelle Mc Gee comments on the trends.

Regard analyses the sharing trend 2015

1- What are the major changes that you observed in the interior design and design markets recently?

This year, the theme for Maison & Objet was “SHARING” and I believe that this pins really well what’s happening in the design market worldwide currently: new uses and values are reconfiguring our ways of living together, exchanging information, goods, services and experiences.

We are witnessing a dynamic of creative sharing. Creative sharing of experiences, information, words. Key words to describe what’s happening are energy, exchange, ecology, hope…

There is currently a trend for change, a need to project in a positive future, a wish to exchange and at the same time to reveal our identity, to nurture what makes us unique.

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