Some major interior design and design trade shows happened recently in Europe and the US such as Maison § Objets (Paris – September 5 to September 9), Decorative Fair (London – 30 September – 5 October), the Boston Design Market (Boston – October 1 to 2) and Vienna Design Week (Vienna – September 26 – October 10).

As French European interior designer who worked in Paris, London, Rome and who now is settled in San Francisco, Isabelle Mc Gee comments on the trends.

New technologies and craftsmanship

3 – What’s your take on the new European and US design trends?

I like the fact that designers have embraced new technologies without denying the “old” world and hand work. The rise of new technologies hasn’t compromised the traditional “savoir-faire”. On the contrary, craftsmanship seems even more respected and valued than before.

Also, today the new generation of designers dares to come out and show their work. In the past, they were less pro-active, more “shy” in a way: talents were more likely to be discovered by big brands. The result is that an increased number of new creators from all over the word comes to Paris or big capitals of design to showcase their work: I really admire them.

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