Some major interior design and design trade shows happened recently in Europe and the US such as Maison § Objets (Paris – September 5 to September 9), Decorative Fair (London – 30 September – 5 October), the Boston Design Market (Boston – October 1 to 2) and Vienna Design Week (Vienna – September 26 – October 10).

As French European interior designer who worked in Paris, London, Rome and who now is settled in San Francisco, Isabelle Mc Gee comments on the trends.

Sharing in San Francisco

4 – How does this new “sharing” trend show up in San Francisco?

San Francisco is the capital of “sharing”: Over the last 2 or 3 years, the city changed dramatically. Many new tech companies developed: it brought an amazing energy and a new generation of designers. They invent new uses and new values: they reconfigure new ways of living together, exchanging information, goods, services and experiences. Designers of softwares and apps develop uses and interfaces that enable to share more and more effectively. As an interior designer, it is interesting to create spaces, interiors and outdoor spaces that reflect this will to be more connected with others.

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