Some major interior design and design trade shows happened recently in Europe and the US such as Maison § Objets (Paris – September 5 to September 9), Decorative Fair (London – 30 September – 5 October), the Boston Design Market (Boston – October 1 to 2) and Vienna Design Week (Vienna – September 26 – October 10).

As French European interior designer who worked in Paris, London, Rome and who now is settled in San Francisco, Isabelle Mc Gee comments on the trends.

5 – What designers and brands really caught your attention and why?

Benedicte de Lescure presented an interesting table, made of two parts: an architected trestle made of ash wood and a lacquered tray table. I like this table for its simplicity and contrasts: simple lines and contrasts between the shapes, materials and finish of the table tray and the trestle.

A good reason why I like it: it reminds me of the DeCastelli collection, a collection made in Italy, that uses raw materials and that I showcase in my showroom.

"Only one" from Bénédicte de Lescure

“Only one” from Bénédicte de Lescure

Another item that I really like was designed by Benoit Chabert for Actiligne: it is a small lamp that represents a skier: casual but elegant, fun and it tells a story (the designer was born in the Alps…)

Again this items brings me to one of the european firms I represent in San Francisco: Sculpture Jeux. Sculpture Jeux designs creative, stylish, simple and fun furniture and accessories.

"Tout Schuss" lamp from Actiligne

“Tout Schuss” lamp from Actiligne

And if we focus on textile, to my delight, linen (flax) is shown in many ways. Teixidors is one of my favorite firms, and that’s why I represent them in the US and showcase several items in my showroom. In line with this high end brand, Studio Natural, from Lituania, manufactures handmade linen that is still seen as unique and exclusive. In Latvia, linens made of linen flax is often passed on from generation to generation, testifying to the refined aesthetic tastes of our predecessors and to the fact that some values remain.

"Parasol" from Studio Natural

“Parasol” from Studio Natural

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