Isabelle McGee, French interior designer and craftsman, is the founder of Regard, an interior design consultancy and showroom located in San Francisco. We asked Isabelle 12 questions to better understand the specialty of Regard in the Bay Area Interior design industry. A French touch with a European twist for elegant simplicity and a real identity in homes, outdoor spaces and small businesses in the Bay Area.


3. What products and services do you offer?

I offer a comprehensive and cohesive approach of design and craftsmanship expertise. In terms of design consultancy, I offer the full range of services that a client can expect:

– Preliminary design study in response to the client request.

– Design development, plans, lay out, budget.

– Selection of the furniture and materials.

– Orders, contract administration, installation supervision.

– Site management, coordination.


In terms of distribution and retail for furniture and accessories, my showroom showcases high-end European items mainly imported from France, Italy, Spain. Most of the products I offer are hand made, of sustainable beauty, using the highest quality materials. Many of my products are made-to-measure furniture and designed in accordance to customers needs; they are not ready-made. The furniture, accessories and textiles that I sell in my showroom are just a snapshot of all the possibilities. I work hand on hand with the designers and craftsmen, who can pretty much do everything in their scope.

I select brands based on their integrity, strong identity and their high level of craftsmanship.

Take for exemple Teixidors, from Spain. They started as a social project whose main objective is the social and occupational integration of persons with learning difficulties through textile crafts. They started in 1983, near Barcelona. Manual looms are in the essence of their project. They use them to transform quality raw materials into unique pieces.

This is just an example: you can see on my website that each brand is very unique and offers a high level of quality, always working with the best designers, craftsmen, materials and manufacturing processes.


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