Isabelle McGee, French interior designer and craftsman, is the founder of Regard, an interior design consultancy and showroom located in San Francisco. We asked Isabelle 12 questions to better understand the specialty of Regard in the Bay Area Interior design industry. A French touch with a European twist for elegant simplicity and a real identity in homes, outdoor spaces and small businesses in the Bay Area.


4. Do you only provide consulting for residential homes and boutiques?

I have in the past provided design creation for hotel owners. I am aware that today, all business consultant or business book will incite you to determined your work and specified the category you belongs to.

My answer is that I do not classify my work in one and only one specific niche.

I work for space and people. I consider that my work is like painting the portrait of someone. In this quite artificial profession, it’s important to remain human. My responsibility is to provide design solutions that meet my clients’ needs, and that will enable them to improve their way of living and working. I really care about the person I work for, the individual, his or her needs and the way he or she expresses an individual personality.

My job is to capture their identity, psychology, goals and to provide them with a design that echoes, reflect their lifestyle.


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