What I really love about design is that you can find it everywhere, anytime… I get my inspiration from nature, technology, big constructions or little details… Everything, literally, inspires me. And when I first saw this faucet, I really admired this perfect combination of creativity and technical know-how. When the emotional design of the French designer Philippe Starck meets the functional perfection of AXOR (designer brand of German   Hansgrohe), you get “‘AXOR starck V’ mixer


Soft shapes, flowing lines for a transparent and sculptural washbasin mixer



The concept behind this faucet

This is the first mixer with transparent body; and transparency  is the foundation of the concept behind this this creation. Transparency puts the presence and movement of water at the forefront.

By making water visible and allowing the mixer to blend into its environment, the design metaphorically indicates how water is a valuable resource that is at the base of our everyday lives. The open spout allows the users to experience the flow of water before their eyes — from faucet to basin, in a free-fall motion. At the heart of it all, is a swirling vortex which animates the design and brings it to life, with water always visible within its body, whether on or off.

Functional and emotional aspects of water at the washbasin

The transparency of the spout is rendered in organic crystal glass material, which is both sustainable and durable. With ecological values in mind, AXOR / Hansgrohe designed a mixer that produces a flow-rate of 4L per minute : without compromising the user experience, this saves an important amount of water.

The open two-piece design has a detachable spout, which is easily removed and installed via a click-in connection between it and its body: this feature allows for effortless cleaning (as it can also be removed and put in the dishwasher), spare part handling and flexible installation of its mixer body with the washbasin.

It is a mixer that represents the absolute minimum: totally transparent, almost invisible, and enclosing a miracle that is the vortex. Philippe Starck




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