When you look for the definition of “interior design” on wikipedia, you find that it is “the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building“. Interior design is a multifaceted profession.

Interior Design is a process


In terms of design consultancy, I offer the full range of services that a client can expect:

– Preliminary design study in response to the client’s request.

– Design development, plans, lay out, budget.

– Selection of the furniture and accessories.

– Orders, contract administration, installation supervision.

Site management, coordination.


Selecting furniture and accessories is a process within the “interior design” process

Interior design is indeed a whole process. And more than a simple step among this process, selecting furniture, materials, textures, patterns is also a process.

The items that I identify and recommend are here to support a concept that is in line of with my clients’s lifestyle, personality and interiors, at home and at work. A concept is a global answer to a series of stakes, challenges, uses. A concept is an intellectual approach that solves several problems.

Some clients only come to me to get some advice on the furniture they should buy for their living and working environments. In order to help them find the perfect item(s), I usually ask them a series of questions:

  • What is the reason for changing? (Are the current furniture damaged, broken, uncomfortable, not functional enough, no longer in line with who they are, no longer in line with the use(s)?…
  • What is the concept of the room these furniture/accessories are for?
  • Do they want something totally different from what they currently have or simply better? What does “better” mean for them?
  • and more…

I usually ask them to show me pictures of the current setting as well as pictures of furnitures and accessories they like. This enables to create an inspiration board that will define the new concept for this space. And then I do all the market research that enables to identify the showrooms, brands and models that are in line with their needs and expectations.


So as you can see, choosing furniture and accessories requires a lot of steps and time.

REGARD: the showroom’s concept

As you may know, REGARD is an interior design consultancy AND showroom. The concept of my showroom is the following: bringing high-end and versatile european design to San Francisco. I am aware that today, more than ever before, we are not just one but multiple. We are versatile, wear different “hats”. Our personal and professional lives tend to merge and our living and working environments should take this into consideration. That is why my showroom showcases furniture and accessories that are versatile, multifunctional and sustainable. Also, because I like furniture and accessories that reflect a personality, I chose to mainly sell european items. I am a French interior designer who lived in France, London and who travelled a lot while working on several interior design projects worldwide. My goal is to bring to San Francisco what I consider being the best in terms of furniture and accessories design. You’ll find in my showroom handpicked items imported from France, Italy, Spain… that are custom made.


This series is a tour of all the brands I chose: I explain why they are so unique, why they caught my attention among thousands, and their key features.





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