This year, Maison § Objet celebrates is 20th Anniversary. A big step for this flagship tradeshow created in Paris, and now global. In this article, we look at the last issue of Maison § Objet Paris, back in September, and get inspired by a video that announces the major trends that will be revealed in this new issue, from January 23 to January 2015.

Maison § Objet is back in Paris. The lifestyle show will take place in the French Capital from January 23 to January 27, 2015. This event, created in France and now global, is the greatest source of inspiration for interior designers worldwide. Decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, tableware… this lifestyle platform brings together designers, brands, concepts, ideas from all over the world and all kinds of industries to create new paths of creativity. What were the trends showcased at Maison § Objet Paris September 2014 and what is going to be revealed in this new issue ? To find out more, read the article below.

Back in Novembre, Isabelle Mc Gee, interior designer and founder of REGARD looked at the major interior design and decoration shows and explained what major new trends were emerging. If you’re curious to know her take on these lifestyle platform, check out this article:

Maison § Objet was of course part of this selection (not to say, was the major event that inspired this article). If we focus on this event, what was the Maison § Objet Paris September 2014 about?

To get it in a nutshell, here are some key words and images:

Experiences Sharing

Experiences, Sharing_MAISON_OBJET_PARIS














Emotions, Poetry, “The Hand”

Emotions_Poetry_The Hand_MAISON_OBJET_PARIS














Handmade and Artistic















New Textures, Innovative Surfaces, New Apparences and Finishes

Innovative_ Surfaces_MAISON_OBJET_PARIS














Unique Pieces, Exceptional Techniques, New Hybrids















Natural, Neutral Materials, Plant Dyes















Global Craftsmanship

Global Crafstmanship–_MAISON_OBJET_PARIS














Luxury, Daily and Rare Craftsmanship

Rare Craftsmanship–_MAISON_OBJET_PARIS














Tropical Design















 Joyful Colors and Graphics, Humor and Whimsy
Whimsy and Rich Graphics














Graphic Playful, Elegant Poetry














Innovation, Technical Prowess















Experiences, Events, Performances















Cutting-Edge, Forward Thinking Design















Smart Design, Simplicity, Radicality















The Luxury of the Essential














Classic Luxury and Unspoiled Know-How















Luxury and Curiosity















Unique Luxury, Freedom and Extravagance















Now if you want to know what this issue of Maison § Objet Paris will be, this is an inspiring video… We’re looking forward to seeing all the great designs that will emerge from this theme…


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