Working across disciplines, mediums and scale, Bellini, like his predecessor Magistretti, brings not so much a style but an intention to the world he designs. That intention is to posit the future by re-imagining the present with an insatiable curiosity.” — from program description.

Ruminations from a recent presentation with Bellini

I was recently fortunate to attend a presentation by Mario Bellini held by Arkitektura. Bellini, as known in the world of furniture and industrial design as he is in architecture, spoke of his career and his vision of design. The evening was rich with ideas about design. In note form, I present a few that I greatly appreciated…


Respecting the past
Bellini spoke of how design should never be far from history. Everything has been done, after all; we interpret the past in light of new technologies and new methods.
Bellini views the design of the past as perfect for the conditions, needs, and materials that were available. What we design will be equally perfect using our new technologies, materials and opportunities.

Acropolis table

Embracing New Technology
Bellini has always embraced new innovations. He understands, he learns, he lives with them, as much as in the old time a craftsman will have learned the use of his tools.  One big difference: When you take a hammer into your hands, you immediately know what it’s for.
New technologies do not provide the same; many feel disconnected from them. Someone, something must linked the new technology to people.
It is design that makes the latest application accessible to everyone.
Design allows us to feel safe and secure in trying the unknown and integrating it into our lives.


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