Continuing from an earlier post regarding a recent talk I went to, a little bit about Mario Bellini…

Born in 1935, Mario Bellini is an Italian Architect and Designer. His work covers a range of disciplines: Architecture, urban planning, furniture design, industrial design… He is, in a very real sense, a fore-runner to current designers in their approach to design and their recognition that innovations in materials and technology must meet the human element in design.

There are also marvels of advanced technology that Mario Bellini has endowed with a deadpan playfulness not usually encountered in adding machines, television sets or automobile dashboards. He has, in fact, got the second machine age to relax, with no loss of efficiency.

A key moment in history

Bellini entered his career at a key moment in technological history, where miniaturization and advances in electronics not only called for the redesign of virtually every object in daily use but an ever increasing flexibility in what that design could be.

Design was less and less about putting a nice shell on an incontrovertible object, and becoming increasingly about molding that object. The key, of course, with that opportunity, which Bellini took full advantage of, was to mold the object in accordance with the human being.

You can see images of Mario Bellini’s workspace and read an interview with him here.

There’s a video of Bellini here. It’s from a series called “Made in Italy: A series on talks on the influence of Italian design.”

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