At Maison § Objet Paris January 2015, Mexican designer Christian Vivanco presented a collection co-created with Nido muebles (a brand specialized in children’s environments within the home).

The collection, called “Traven” is a series of handmade objects made of wicker, certified wood, handmade wool and natural finishes. Its showcases three pieces of furniture: an armchair called ‘luna pod’,  a  stool called ‘burro’and a toybox called ‘butterfly catcher’: the concept behind these names and shapes was to design items that encourage children to use their imagination and use them in various way: to store toys, to sit, to hide, to transform into imaginary animals…TO PLAY! Large volumes and simple shapes offer a variety of scenarios where children can act out a different experience with each object.




The beauty of this collection is that it is a combination of natural fibers (Nature Made), Craftsmanship (Hand Made) and it is fun. It is an expression of pure creativity and simplicity… which is something that we foster at REGARD.


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