Give your place the illusion of higher ceilings

Reality is usually better than illusion. But when reality is not quite up to snuff, a little illusion can be useful. This is certainly the case with Interior Design, which deals with the psychology of home.

We tend to benefit with certain features in our environment. The illusion of those features is often better than nothing, and often in fact good enough for our well-being.

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How to make a rental yours

This recent article on Houzz, below, gives many case studies for making a rental your own. I’d like to highlight a few basic principles it contains, which I think you will find applicable to many design scenarios. Have a plan It sounds obvious, but just like the...

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The Potted Plant of the Season

It’s indoor gardening time (or, just time to spruce up your living space with a little green). Read below about Pilea Peperomioides, dubbed the ‘plant of the season’ — easy to maintain, but not easy to get, which is why the article has also...

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