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Give your place the illusion of higher ceilings

Reality is usually better than illusion. But when reality is not quite up to snuff, a little illusion can be useful. This is certainly the case with Interior Design, which deals with the psychology of home.

We tend to benefit with certain features in our environment. The illusion of those features is often better than nothing, and often in fact good enough for our well-being.

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How to make a rental yours

This recent article on Houzz, below, gives many case studies for making a rental your own. I’d like to highlight a few basic principles it contains, which I think you will find applicable to many design scenarios. Have a plan It sounds obvious, but just like the...

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The Tech Boom in Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been making its comeback for years now. At first, with the appeal of vintage patterns. Following quickly on the heels of this, however, were many innovations brought by the latest technologies. The cost of printing has gone down, and innovations have...

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DIY: Updating wooden kitchen utensils

I like to research interior design blogs from my native country, France, in order to bring fresh ideas to my clients in San Francisco. I came across this article, detailing how to spruce old wooden tools. They give some simple executable suggestions that are right in...

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To be a designer

When you meet someone like Bellini, you really gain a different understanding of what being a Designer is. It is humbling. It could even be troublesome, if you weighed yourself against him. But if you instead ask yourself how to live like Bellini, he becomes...

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Bellini’s Design Prescience

In an earlier post, About Bellini,  I made a reference to Mario Bellini as a forerunner of some of most revered current designers, who have sought to make technology human-friendly and in the process heightened the public’s sense of aesthetics. Two quick...

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About Mario Bellini

Continuing from an earlier post regarding a recent talk I went to, a little bit about Mario Bellini… Born in 1935, Mario Bellini is an Italian Architect and Designer. His work covers a range of disciplines: Architecture, urban planning, furniture design,...

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Mario Bellini in Conversation

    Working across disciplines, mediums and scale, Bellini, like his predecessor Magistretti, brings not so much a style but an intention to the world he designs. That intention is to posit the future by re-imagining the present with an insatiable...

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Staircases for people with vertigo!

The title is tongue-in-cheek, of course. But I was struck while looking at this staircase, below, how not everyone might feel comfortable using it… Design by Galaktik And then I also came across this one: Depending on the angle that you see it from, it is not so...

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Creating a cocktail of light

This recent article from GQ gives tips on how we can learn to design our personal space according to principles from our favorite hotels, bars and restaurants. It’s true that commercial locations have become increasingly sophisticated — and comfortable. But can...

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Technology at the service of emotion

For the light designer Henri Burztyn, “the technology of light must remain invisible and convey emotion and sweetness.” In line with this statement, he designed a lighting collection that enhanced materials, shapes: In this “Time to Inspire”...

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Choosing your furniture and accessories



Maison § Objet Paris 2015 – January 23-27, 2015

“Nature Made, Human Made and Techno Made”

Telling a story with dinning table design

by Isabelle Mc Gee, interior designer and founder of REGARD

EU and US design Trends for 2015

Interview with Isabelle Mc Gee, founder of REGARD